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Westminster Abbey, London, is a Gothic church of the size of a Cathedral.It is the traditional place for the coronation and burial of the British monarchs. It is one of the great examples of monumental sculpture in Europe. It is located in Westminster, next to Big Ben.
In September 1997 millions of people were able to discover the inside of such a singular work of architectural art during the televised transmission of the funeral of the Princess Diana de Gales.
This must have been one of the reasons for which his son William chose her for her fabulous wedding. A way that her mother was at her wedding in some way. The wedding of Prince William and Kate was held on Saturday, April 29, 2011.
Westminster Abbey was first built in Romanesque style by Edward the Confessor - King of England between the year 1045 and 1066; and it was built by Benedictine monks. A few centuries later became a reconstruction where dominated the Gothic architecture as we know it today. In addition, added a Chapel in honor of the Virgin Mary.
Years later the Church would be closed, as well as other monasteries, but thanks to connections with royalty could follow their church services, normally. Despite this, for 1600 years, she was attacked by Puritans and suffered some damage, which were then restored. The Cathedral went through several owners, until finally Elizabeth I seized it, turning it into the Iglesia Colegiata de San Pedro.
The Church from the outside is impressive. He architectural ensemble is the ceiling of the Chapel, met with vaults of range of lush ribbing, one of the best examples of Gothic perpendicular ripe. Outside his most prominent note is the resolution of the head of the transept.
This huge Church plant is very peculiar, since its central nave is surprising for its narrowness, which also gives slenderness to Abbey, and 156 metres.
This monumental Church is known for coronations, weddings, anniversaries and funerals, Westminster Abbey has been the backdrop of the great events of the Royal family, and as a pantheon for the tombs of the monarchs, as well as the cream of the monarchy, literature, and science English. Be buried in the Abbey has been in the history of the English nation one of the highest honors that you could pay to a person.This fact is an of the most visited in the world churches
In this way, the Royal House members share their final resting place with writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens and scientists as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.
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