Atlantic coast of Argentina - part 2

Today I'm showing them the Argentina Atlantic coast beaches. Around 800 kilometers of a coastline with offers for all tastes, are among some of the beach destinations that the province of Buenos Aires, from North to South:
Mar de las Pampas: one of the new gems of the coast is this site surrounded by a thick forest of pine and eucalyptus, in spacious and quiet beaches. The venue, for some years, by families. Beautiful houses and cabins, a rugged landscape, tranquillity and, above all, exclusivity.
Mar Azul: dunes and forests, a small site that invites you to explore it. Wild beaches, is the ideal place to relax.
Santa Clara del Mar: this little place offers peace, beaches, fishing space and enjoyment. Chosen by many people that decide to stay in vicinity of Mar del Plata, but away from the maelstrom of the city.
Mar del Plata: the Pearl of the Atlantic is the largest city in the coast of the province of Buenos Aires. Variety of beaches and a very extensive offer in terms of gastronomy and entertainment. The quintessential tourist town of Argentina. Large number of theatres, bars, restaurants and shopping malls.
Miramar: called the City of the children. Ideal to enjoy its beaches and its offer of family fun.
Necochea: its wide beaches and the possibility of enjoying also the Quequén River, for fishing and family fun make this city a very good option.
Orense: spacious and quiet beaches offer the possibility of practising various water sports, horseback riding and hiking.
Claromecó: fine sand beaches and waters warm rich in iodine and iron, this place is also considered the paradise of fishermen. Has a 54 metre high Lighthouse , a forest station with a great diversity of species and some beautiful waterfalls. Beaches are extremely extensive and it is one of the few places that from the beach you can see the sunrise and sunset.
Monte Hermoso: beautiful beaches, high dunes and vegetation incredible boasts among its attractions the nature reserve, geological, paleontological and archaeological. A familiar destination.
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