Atlantic coast of Argentina - part I

On this occasion, the destination to describe is the Atlantic coast, province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. A wide range of towns and villages with quantity and variety of facilities aimed at tourism, places more away and is ideal for those seeking only peace, relaxation and quiet with view to the sea and beach resorts ranging from the most populated sites. Here I will be describing them from North to South:
Mundo Marino, San Clemente del Tuyu, Buenos Aires
San Clemente del Tuyú: No doubt that, in addition to its serene beaches, the main attraction of this place is Sea World. It is an aquatic complex where you can enjoy aquatic shows family of dolphins, seals and killer whales, among other species.
Las Toninas: A quiet and small site with a width of between 100 and 150 meters beaches surrounded by, some of dunes, calm and shallow waters.
Lucila del Mar: El pinar continues to this destination of warm beaches that combine perfectly with the vegetation. A pier and paths that invite you to stroll on foot, by bike or on horseback. Harmony is the word that could define it.
San Bernardo: this is the place chosen by young people to spend their first holidays without their parents. Thus, common esmuy see adolescent groups enjoy the beaches and the offer of nightlife that the city offers.
Pinamar: wild beaches with an perfect environment. Vegetation, sand dunes and sand. Amazing buildings that are adapted to the context. One of the most exclusive places of the coast of argentina offering dining, shopping, sports and entertainment very wide. It is chosen by the families and especially the youth.
Cariló: A forest that holds a small village built mostly of wood to not clash with the environment. Quiet beaches and much glamour. Mansions overlooking the sea and others in the middle of the trees.A target exclusive, one of the most expensive of the coast.
Valeria del Mar: spacious and quiet beaches and an offer that includes incredible activities such as horseback riding on the beach and in the forest in addition to cruises aboard of ATV.
Villa Gesell: beaches with dunes, Woods and sea are the attraction in this city that attracts thousands of young people. A site chosen by the youth due to its beautiful landscape and the commercial offer and fun. Other places chosen by teenagers.
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