Cambodia: Temples, meditation and Buddha

Arriving at Siem Reap, second largest city of the Kingdom of Cambodia, means being open to the amazement and contradictions. It is an international destination that grows as exotic and allows this city so poor and desvastada think of a present and future.
The airport is pleasant and very busy by thousands of tourists who visit this famous city and their temples. The visa is obtained at the airport. The transfer to the city shows us a landscape so poor as its inhabitant.
The jungle is the only thing that is from the taxi, but suddenly appear three hotel chains with their best resort.
Discover Siem Reap in a tuk-tuk means to visit some temples Buddhist they stand in this jungle and abandoned for years, which amaze its visitors. No doubt Angkor Wat is one of the most important archaeological treasures of the world. The largest Buddhist temple built outside of India in the 12th century and abandoned without an accurate explanation.
Splendor becomes reality after crossing the large lagoon surrounding it and displayed its five towers on its geometric design. More than 3,000 tourists per day, that onservan entranced visit him his famous bas-reliefs that depict battles and Buddhist culture in general.
Walked to Angkor Wat, one cannot understand how those temples were built and as they were invaded by the roots of the trees are mixed between those huge blocks of stone. Everything is amazing, there are few places with electricity and the lack of drinking water makes the restaurants added in his letter that mineral water used for washing.
Inhabitants of the place, which are extremely friendly, constantly harass tourists, since they see in them the salvation and offered with his best English, which dominate in an astonishing way, typical objects, texts, visits, and even children, their best bracelets.
The city moves at an incredible speed, built hotels and restaurants, makes the water, planning a sewage system according to great tourism that is constantly growing.
Touring the temples by the dirt roads with gaps at the sides, heat and humidity, make one enjoy the interior of the Wat-templo, each with its characteristic, but all with images of the Buddha, where the monks worship.
On the one hand we are in a world of peace and meditation, and suddenly the contradiction of Siem Reap appears; the paths of the temple are marked by a fine and simple wire, which allows that we not drift away from the trail, but just in case a sign indicates the because: do not deviate from the path, mines planted personal
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