Christmas in Australia

You know that, while here we are shivering, in the southern hemisphere's summer. But although no peaks there or snowmen that there is Christmas. And this situation gives rise to curious situations. Let's take the example of how you are a Christmas in Australia. As in other countries also in Australia sing carols crowded in the light of the candles. What is special in this case is to see people in a summery atmosphere singing traditional songs among others more curious, as that which tells the story of six white kangaroos that carry the sleigh of Santa Claus.
On Christmas Eve rather than dinner ritual is the lunch thing, especially in Sydney. There families organize lunch on the beach. A funny detail is that everyone takes some bauble or the classic red and white hat. It is precisely during these lunch when present Santa Claus, uploaded to a boat towed or riding the waves with his surfboard.
Now that mentioned the figure red elder you can imagine the illogic of his figure in Australia. It is to see him dressed in his coat, his gloves and boots and die of heat. For this reason some Australians have been thinking that a more consistent figure would be more convenient and have created a "Swagman". This character is inspired by the wandering day laborers who were touring Australian farms in search of employment and will be dressed in an akubra (hat typical Australian), a t-shirt and baggy trousers. Of course, instead of sleigh, leads a powerful 4 x 4.
Christmas decorations also in the singular. Think of that Australian plant species do not occur in other parts of the world and other species such as firs should not be introduced by ecological risk. Many people opt for typical artificial trees, but the truly typical is to decorate the House with Palm trees, ferns or a plant espinosa bursaria which is similar to Holly but with white flowers called.
And with respect to the food? There is also a Turkey but highlights some local dishes like minced meat pie; the pudding for Christmas that hides a Gold Nugget - something akin to what we do in Spain with the roulade-; or a delicious dessert made with vanilla ice cream covered with nuts, chocolate chips and fresh or candied fruit.
Source: Enfolang

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