Cruises and exotic ports

On this occasion tell you them about the most exotic cruises are those who move out of the usual routes and that will give us unique experiences both on board and as in the landings.
On this occasion the destinations are: the Scottish islands and northern landscapes, exotic Middle East, the warmth of the tropical islands or the beauty of the end of the world. Relax, adventure, luxury, cultural visits, nature, shopping... and all the best from the most exotic cruises.
Cruises in the Seychelles
The Seychelles, as I already told you above, are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, between East Africa and northeast of Madagascar, of 115 tropical origin granitic and coral islands. Many islands are uninhabited and are small coral atolls that delight the senses to relax.
The larger island is Mahe, where is the capital of the country, the City of Victoria, where he lives near the third of the total population. The Islands retain their beauty nature, with beautiful beaches and a sea with excellent conditions for lovers of diving.
Cruise ships that reach these paradisiacal Islands depart from different points, and you can also opt for one that will take us to learn about exclusive and exotic ports in this part of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and Madagascar, which stops in the Seychelles and other islands.
Middle East cruises
If what we want is to meet Middle East there are cruises that make his tours of the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain, where you will find a warm and sunny climate all year round. From the Emirates, the scales more than interesting can be made since most cruises done scales for different parts of the three countries.
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it is in the northeastern part of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. It is worthy to know and admire that a near desert past and a fishing village, can not believe what it is today if one cannot see it, it is at present, a very rich and modern city with all the luxury and the elegance of the unimaginable.
And say Dubai , boasts of hosting more active night life and have the best reputation among the cities of the Gulf, with buildings and Supreme Luxury hosts tournaments in golf, tennis and racing in the desert, famous in the world, a park dedicated to Ferrari, an indoor ice.
Al Fujayrah or Fujairah, on the East coast of the country along the Gulf of Oman. It was a town of fishermen and farmers, it has recently become a container port and it is trying to develop tourism. It is an ideal base to begin exploring the eastern coast, considered the most beautiful part of the country. It has a museum which houses spectacular ethnographic and archaeological parts.
Cruises on the Shetland Islands, Scotland
The Shetland Islands are a group of islands in the North Atlantic , located between the Faroe, southwest of Norway and Great Britain. It is one of the 32 unitary councils in which divides Scotland. Of the nearly 100 islands, only 15 are inhabited. The main island of the group is known as Mainland.
The Islands totaled almost 1500 km², with a population of about 22,000 inhabitants, of whom the majority live in Lerwick, the Shetland Islands capital, and it is one of the stops that perform the cruises that pass by here.
These cruises are suitable to learn in a different way this area of Northern Europe, since they make scale in places like London, Aberdeen, Reikavij, Dublin, Cork... The landscape of the Islands is really impressive. And meet Lerwick with its shops, museums, leisure centres, restaurants and typical bars with music groups and many other attractions.
Cruise ships by the end of the world: Antarctica
It is a cruise only suitable for people not suffering from the cold. The journey to the end of the world will take US through Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Elephant Island, Puerto Madryn, Paradise Bay, Ushuaia and Cape Horn back.
This cruise the main characters are the spectacular glaciers, the lighthouse at the end of the world and an exotic nature in the southernmost region of the world, sharing our journey with the southern, right whale colonies of penguins, blue-eyed Shags or the giant petrels.
They tend to be cruise ships that are smaller that those who perform usually busiest routes, can also choose embark on any particular ship, as a former Russian icebreaker adapted to this purpose. And what you cannot do is embark on boats that come to the glaciers and inaccessible corners in boat.
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