What is the meaning of abduction? Concept and Definition of abduction

Definition of abduction: Their meanings, concepts and importance

Definition: abduction and its importance

1 [Dialectic] syllogism in which the major premise is obvious and the only likely, but more credible conclusion minor: abduction holds less demonstrative than the induction and deduction.
2. Motion by which a member or other body moves away from the median plane of the body: the patient came to the emergency room with displacement of the clavicle, probably due to a strong left arm abduction.
3 [Right] kidnapping or retention of a person against their will: was sentenced to five years and a day for abduction.

(2) Removal, dismantling, separation; (3) Rapture, abduction.

(2) Approach, union; (3) rescue.

(1) [Philosophy]

Term C.S. Peirce used to refer to the process of invention of a theory as a process essentially creative and distinct from mere induction based on observations. The appearance of a theory explaining observed facts is, therefore, something creative, but this does not preclude that the assumptions deriving from it can be evaluated rationally. This last idea, which attaches importance to the fact that a good hypothesis must have testable consequences (rationality of hypotheses), is the anticipation of one of the fundamental points of K. Popper's theory about the development of the knowledge.
Peirce denies that the probability of hypotheses formed by abduction, because, according to the range of probability theory, this would require a knowledge of the proportion of States in fact enabled the evidence that supports the hypothesis can be measured. Similarly, according to the theories of the frequency in the long run, it would require a knowledge of the proportion of cases in which a particular type of abduction leads to the truth; and it is not possible to know such things. However, as good pragmatista, described other merits that should have any good hypothesis as, for example, its simplicity or ease of amendment of the same with the emergence of contrary evidence.

Concept: abduction and what is

The concept of abduction has its origin in the latin abductio and describes the phenomenon thanks to which an organ or a part of the body structure moves away from the median plane that divides a body into two fragments of symmetric character of imaginary form. It is, according to experts, a displacement of transverse orientation.
In this regard, it must be said that the movement that opposes the abduction is adduction, a phenomenon that takes place when any portion of the body is close to the plane of symmetry of the same.
For philosophy, a type abductive reasoning is a syllogism in which the major premise is evident, while the minor is not so notorious or only probable. Therefore, the conclusion that emerges from this structure possesses an identical level of probability with respect to the minor premise. To cite a concrete example: "all the pencil bag X are black" / "these pencils are black" / "these pencils come bag X".
Probably, most people associated the term hypothetical kidnapping of members of our species by extraterrestrial beings. Say that they have been captured in these conditions usually claim to have been subjected to experiments of various kinds in the inside of dwellings or spaceships.
This atypical situation, never proven by science, generates an episode of loss of consciousness or amnesia, since those involved show that contact with the creatures lasted for an extended period, although they fail to remember too or provide clarifications in this regard. The UFOlogists believe that, from the hypnosis, it is possible to achieve the protagonists to reconstruct those moments with greater sharpness.
Supposedly, abductions also pursue the objective of implanting certain elements in the body of those captured. It is said that these implants of extra-terrestrial origin have similar characteristics to those having chips created by man.
The story of Betty and Barney Hill
While there are many stories that narrate abductions by extraterrestrial beings, none has received as much attention as the case of Betty and Barney Hill, an American marriage secured having contact with interplanetary visitors at the beginning of the 1960s. It was thus, that became a film in this respect, The UFO Incident (the UFO incident).
Collecting the information available, it is known that this couple was driving along the route, at night, when he noticed an object in the sky that showed a pattern of movement rather odd. Eventually, the giant saucer landed opposite them, forcing them to stop. The alleged crew of the ship were beings Humanoids that, as expected, had learned English. In principle, the Hill not recalled having been forced to nothing, since the first version of the facts they could escape from the place and return home.
The hours that followed the event were very confusing for both. Betty decided to make an accusation, though many details are kept so that they doubted of his sanity. Later, due to recurrent nightmares that prevented them from continuing normally with their lives, they agreed to interviews and sessions of hypnosis, to try to reconstruct the history which, until then, remembered in unconnected parts.
The fury of the experiences with aliens was extinguished by the mid-1990s, although for certain persons represent the most exciting and intriguing world theme. Unfortunately, as it occurs with astrology and more beyond, it is impossible to determine the veracity of these stories, since the human being tends to pursue money and attention at any cost.

Meaning: abduction and their uses

Abduction from the latin "abductio" means separation and implies in biology, a transverse movement for which a part of the body made a movement of erection from the median plane which divides into imaginary form the body into two halves. Adduction is a movement which opposes the abduction, which involves approaching the plane of symmetry. The deltoid muscle is an abductor muscle of the shoulder which allows the arm to lift up.
In the field of science fiction with stories of people who claim to have suffered such experiences, applies the term abduction to the Act of kidnapping of an individual of planet Earth by extraterrestrial beings, their whereabouts, and whereby said to be "disappears", temporarily or definitively supposedly for the purpose of experimentation. Back-to-Earth say suffer from temporary amnesia with regard to what has been lived in the extraterrena experience.
In the Roman military was called abduction to the Act by which the military forces were divided.
In logic, called abduction that syllogism which has one obvious major premise, the youngest, likely, having concluded the character of probable, to the same extent as the minor premise. The conclusion therefore is not necessarily true, but only probable, since it has with the introduction of a novel idea. Used much research and explanatory purposes, but it requires verification. Example of abductive reasoning: greater premise: "all Carlos cats are black", minor premise: "this cat is black", concluded: "this cat is Carlos".

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