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Definition of acquis - Its meaning concepts and importance

Definition: acquis and its importance

1 Set of moral, cultural or spiritual values accumulated by a person or a community by tradition or heritage: Spain has a rich literary heritage.
2 Set of goods or material things that belong to a group of people: the society that we have founded has garnered in his long career a patrimonial wealth.
3 Lot of small things, especially agricultural products like wheat, seeds or vegetables: in the barn is accumulated a huge body of barley.

(1) Tradition; (2) collection, flow, capital, Fund, have, heritage, possession, property; (3) cluster.

(1, 2 and 3) Lack, scarcity.

Acquis is not a term used with recurrence in our language, however, is indicated when wanting to refer to the set of material, cultural and moral goods that correspond to a community. Meanwhile, it is more common that instead of this word is used some of its synonyms such as: collection, heritage and property.
Returning to the strictly referential of the term, this set of goods mentioned is characterized as property common of several individuals, while you can accumulate, stored, either by tradition, heritage, or by any other motivation that have those who are leading it.
When we speak of the cultural heritage of a society or community will be making reference to the set of artistic and cultural events, uses, customs and traditions inherent in such a community. It should be noted that all this conglomerate, is what will mark the identity of this or that community and in addition will be built thanks to all generations, present, past and future.
On the other hand, the scientific heritage is formed by knowledge that a scientific community has brought about a matter after arduous research on it.
In the field of genetics we also find the use of this concept, because the gene pool, which is also referred to as genetic heritage, involves a set of unique alleles that can be appreciated at the time of studying the genetic material of individuals of a given species. It is worth mentioning is that when the gene pool is important there will be greater chances of survival.
And Furthermore, at the request of the European Union (EU) acquis concept has a special use in this context since it designates the policy set that applies throughout the EU, i.e. is the legal soul of the same and comprises both standards that originated in the treaties of Foundation as those product modifications or additions. The purpose of this acquis is to ensure the harmonious coexistence between citizens living in the European Community.

Concept: heritage and what is

The concept of acquis has its origin in the latin acervus. It's a word that describes a set of goods or a credit that is common to many individuals. A body may accumulate and hoard by gathering, tradition or by inheritance, depending on its origin and motivations of those who keeps him away.
The heritage of cultural type that can have a community, for example, covers the total of cultural and artistic common to the population group, with their traditions, customs and habits. Therefore it is often linked to the identity of a people, it is with the contributions of successive generations. It is a term widely used in the plane of the anthropology and sociology, and is considered one of the fundamental backgrounds of all social groups.
In the field of law, the acquis communautaire is the set of practices, criteria and decisions that have allowed to interpret and apply the treaties establishing the European communities in order to ensure a life of harmony among citizens of different Nations that are part of this region. In this list of rights and obligations referred to the acceptance and observance of the treaties signed by the Committee and it is obligatory to record all acts carried out in regards to community security and foreign policy, among others.
Countries that are part of the European Union leave to one side the heritage of their own legislation (adopted at the national level) to assume others that are considered more effective at the international level, and must apply changes relevant to their legislature, to across the continent there is a coherence in laws that provide security move smoothly and be protected by the law to citizens of all countries.
Another type of acquis is the genetic or gene, which is also known as reserve or genetic heritage. This is all based on the unique alleles that can be seen when studying the genetic material of all existing individuals of a species, community, or population. Major gene pool, more diversity and, therefore, more likely there is to survive the events of selection.
On the other hand, a gene pool with little diversity implies a species struggling to adapt and that is in danger of extinction. There are several types of gene pool: primary gene pool (sum of all genetic variations that have been seen in the development of a population, which is indispensable for the improvement of the species or for subsistence), secondary genetic background (sum of the changes that have been the cross product, whether natural or artificial, between this species with others) and tertiary gene pool (sum of genetic variation in other organisms that can not be crossed with species object).
On the other hand, the scientific heritage refers to knowledge that the scientific community has managed to gather on a certain subject after intense research; for example: "the scientific heritage AIDS still does not allow the development of a preventive vaccine". On the other hand, the documentary is another concept used in the field of science and which refers to certain documents concerning a matter in particular, which tends to be the development of a research or discovery.
Acquis and Acerbo
Finally, I believe that it is essential to devote a section to make a small clarification between the acquis and acerbo, to alert readers about the slight spelling difference of these terms, despite the fact that they mean different things.
Acerbo refers to something harsh, cruel or rustic, and while acquis fulfills the function of a noun, the first term is an adjective. It can be found in phrases like: "he told Me a few bitter words" or "Is a harsh syrup".

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