What is the meaning of Delineation? Concept and Definition of Delineation

Definition of delineation: Their meanings, concepts and importance

Definition: delineation and its importance

Action and effect of outline: before starting to work in the Studio demanded you that you pass a test of delineation.

Delineation, outline, design, drawing, layout, sketch, sketch.

Word delineation allows you to designate the action lines draw a figure, in a support role as such. For instance, it is that the term is widely used at the behest of activities like drawing, design, among others.
While the use of the word is right when you want to express the action of drawing lines with a figure, is worth noting, that it is more common that the word is used in our language design, one of its most popular synonyms by the way.
Because the design is just that, sketch, outline, or sketch is made of an idea or figure that someone, an artist, a designer, one cartoonist, among others, performed in a particular support.
Both design and delineation of something begins with a mental representation of this and then ensues his depiction on a stand like paper, to mention one of the most common ways to move the idea.
To be noted is that when someone draws or designs you will have in mind the aesthetic issues inherent to their task but it must be also observed technical conditions that will make his work is developed in the best way and also that can successfully the message that corresponds.
Professional who is dedicated to the design and delineation popularly known it as designer. To serve as such you must study design career. It is important to note in this regard that design is a broad category that normally is sectioned in different areas such as: design of clothing, interior design, industrial design, among others.
On the other hand, the word delineation also tends to be used in the field of cosmetics for l'azione delineate eyes with a cosmetic product specific intended for this purpose, the eyeliner.
The eyeliner consists of a wooden pencil, simile that is used to write, and allows you to define the outline of the eyes, apply precisely around these. They tend to be dark and contrasting black, Brown and blue color. This cosmetic is really old because it was used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

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