New York, the most famous city

It is curious that in the United States say that the less "American" city in the country is precisely that which we think when we it comes to America
New York has a power of huge suggestion: a vibrant city that never sleeps, the representation of the so-called "American dream", the same place where a young actress dreams of Broadway scenarios is the same site where Spiderman launches a network and the same corner in which Woody Allen makes art of his obsessions.
Who has not thought to make an old this mythical city to see firsthand if everything seen on the screen is true? If Central Park is really so great, if Fifth Avenue is so exclusive, if Wall Street money is in the air, if it is true that in Greenwich Village living six friends who revolutionised the television comedy...
We do not believe that you needed listing the attractions of the city at this point, nor its history. We all know that it was founded as "New Amsterdam"; the statue of liberty, a gift from France to the United States, opened in 1886; in 2001 suffered the hardest blow and that got stand up stronger.
What you about New York that do not know already? Maybe you can come with us and enjoy it whenever you want.
Source: Enfolang

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