Sydney, the first city in Australia

If we close our eyes and think in an Australian city safely, you come to the head profile of the Sydney Opera House. However beyond its Bay little we know of it... and that it is a beautiful city which always lies between the ten with a better standard of living. That's something obvious: has a special light, spacious streets where there are trees, large parks, attractive beaches... and athletes everywhere. It is a sound and very extensive, city of approximately 12.144 square kilometers with just four million inhabitants. These are divided between the Northern, more modern and less urbanized; and the southern, more bustling.
The major activity of the city is located in its Center. The thriving Central Business District; the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge; "The Rocks", the oldest part of Sydney; or The Glebe, the Bohemian quarter; they are here. By the way, if you feel nostalgia do not miss visiting the Spanish Quarter, an entire neighborhood in which you will find bars, restaurants and Spanish products. Do not be afraid by stereotypes or topics: you will find many authentic Spanish, some of them run their businesses for decades.
Is also place of must-visit the famous beach of Bondi Beach, where the Australians celebrated the end of year - especially if you go in December-but there are also other beaches highly recommended as Coogee, if you want to make diving; or the quiet Tamarana or the spectacular Bronte.
Before you have mentioned the large parks in Sydney. The city has an incredible natural wealth. Besides its fascinating botanical garden and the iconic Hyde Park just two hours from the center of the city you will find the fascinating blue mountains natural park.
Natural wonders, emblematic places and corners with charm. Sydney has it all for everyone.
Source: Enfolang

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