Those songs were not only Christmas

All over the world to hear the word "Carol" thinks at Christmas. So associated is this type of musical composition to these parties that even a superstition again stamp assures that singing one at a time which is not the Christmas brings bad luck. If this were true, what would have happened them the first singers of Carols?
Because in origin, around the 15th century, these songs were not all own a date specific. His name is noted this circumstance: "Carol" means 'own villains', i.e., of the inhabitants of the villages. There is nothing religious in its name. Yes it is true that the villancicos could include religious themes, but also mundane or romantic.
So popular were made that the Church did not hesitate to include in her liturgy those religious theme, so, in addition to Christmas, began to be sung during religious feasts. Carols would take force as a typical element of Christmas, especially to represent the surprise of the shepherds the birth of Jesus (think how many popular carols treat the issue of pastors and worship). But towards the 17TH century began to appear detractors of their inclusion in the liturgy. The reason for this rejection as they sang the "vulgar" language as many of these songs had some background "mocking" would that not tallied with the solemn atmosphere of a temple.
Also speaks of an "cheaper" reason: apparently the choirs of Christmas carols needed instrumentation and a paraphernalia that were not sustainable. Little by little they were substituting representations dramatized, much cheaper. However perhaps because of its popularity or that it was not much expenditure for once a year, Christmas carols prevailed Although as vowels without hardly instrumentation compositions; that Yes, we are talking about the most solemn and "friendly". Those who were a little more irreverent or funny could be sung without problems. Carols were returning to those people who had invented them.
But then, what happened then with those that weren't Christmas carols? The truth is that we don't know it, but there is realized in the files of some ancient churches there lyrics and scores of Christmas carols dedicated to liturgical date that never came to be touched. A theme on which to investigate.
Source: Enfolang

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