Exhibitionism, which hidden problems?


You've probably heard of 'paraphilias ' more than once but... do know exactly what this term means? The next time you not caught off-guard, because in this article we will explain you what are, as well as introduce you to one of their most popular conditions: exhibitionism.
The term paraphilia refers to a cast of atypical, very potent and specific sexual fantasies related to a high level of sexual arousal. Ojo, you do not confuse sexual fantasies that we told you about one of our previous articles, this time characterized by a normally repetitive sexual pattern and unavailable imperative, able to create a sense of anguish have it who, in addition to the possibility of going to affect people totally unrelated to these.
Pedophilia, sadism, masochism, transvestic fetishism, voyeurism, the froteurismo or Exhibitionism, which we will discuss below, are some examples of these practices.

What is the exhibitionism

Now that we know a little more about this concept, we will make special emphasis on one of the paraphilias best-known and illustrated. Or perhaps if we mention the word exhibitionism not does you head the typical trench coat? Let's see what lies behind it...
Exhibitionism makes reference to the need to show someone their genitalia, whose aim is to attract the attention of a public that does not expect such desarropada action. In general, the exhibitionist individual does not intend to have a sexual encounter with the surprised person, if not merely display as for it own sexual action, it can be complemented with a masturbation during or after the.
Usually must seek its origin in the early experiences of the individual, who as a result of the interest that have been able to raise you one of the adolescents near where the display has been present, has consolidated itself usually early behaviors that cesar's far have accompanied him to adulthood.
We are sure that when speaking of Exhibitionists come you to mind some examples in this regard, and it is this matter reveals a great diversity of variants ranging from nudes in public events, until provoked outdoor approaches, multiopcionales technologies, which provide the opportunity to share all kinds of erotic material, even himself, through the network.

Profile of an exhibitionist

When we talk about people who have a paraphilia as exhibitionism tend to refer to men in the vast majority of cases. Generally speaking, the psychological profile of an exhibitionist is a person who does not have aggression or a threat, because it characterizes them a marked trait of introversion and shyness, accompanied by a lack of confidence in themselves likely to push them to complete these actions as a form of sexual activity.

Diagnosis of exhibitionism

In this section we want to answer a question that maybe you've raised throughout reading this article: does mean that any interest in these areas constitutes a sexual disorder?
At all, for any diagnosis of this type the first thing we have to keep in mind is clearly differentiate healthy and use appropriate fantasies and sexual behaviour, disorders paraphiliacs that cause major conflicts both personal and social. In this sense, aspects such as the inconvenience of psychic-type in the individual experiencing them, evidence of certain alterations in sexual function, the existence of community or legal problems and involvement in these practices of people without their consent, will be some of the keys that will help us identify a profile of exhibitionism in the patient.
In the case of Exhibitionism, to arrive at a diagnosis of the same, we will consider, in addition to the existence of the sexual fantasy for a long time, if the person concerned has fulfilled in real way their need and assess whether it produces a noticeable discomfort.

Treatment of exhibitionism

The contribution of psychotherapeutic interventions for the treatment of exhibitionism is interesting, since programs centered in working both cognitions and behaviors in these patients show very positive results.
These will be the main nuances that we will direct our actions to correct the exhibitionist in a consultation sexological activity:
  • We will try to dominate and diminish the attraction that cause these exhibitionist actions and exchange them for others much more adjusted to the individual and their environment through different techniques. In this regard, it will be especially useful to redirect properly the pleasure the recommendation of appropriate sexual fantasies, that individual may be strengthened through masturbation in private; as well as relate his impulse exhibitionist with unpleasant consequences that make him to desist from his performance.
  • We will carry out a thorough training in empathy, in a way that the affected person is able to understand the significance and scope that their actions can have for others.
  • We will also give the patient of the social skills that allow them to express their concerns in the proper in sexual matters. The term assertiveness takes special interest in this respect, because we must ensure that the exhibitionist is able to manifest and agree their desires in a suitable manner consensual, without force or intimidate others.
  • We will work on irrational ideas that may have developed the patient, contesting them and replacing them with others much actual and adaptive.
  • We will schedule tasks and strategies to encourage their impulse control, promoting a timely management of their own behavior. To do this, we will try that the patient avoid any habit that you can remember and cause the need to carry out the behaviour to correct and will exchange it for another option that can evoke in a better response. A good example of this might be to avoid the places where the individual has felt the need to carry out their display.
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