What is the meaning of Highlight? Concept and Definition of highlight

Definición de Resaltar. Concepto de Resaltar

Definition of highlight

Highlight is a verb that is used in different contexts. You can be the object protruding with respect to another, one that emerges from a place which was fixed or body bouncing repeatedly.
The most usual use, anyway, is associated to emphasize something, highlighting it or emphasizing certain characteristics. For example: "In my speech I will highlight the achievements that we got in the last five years", "performance of the cordovan player is worthy of highlight: scored three goals in 20 minutes", "In my new book tried to highlight the values of our culture".
The action of stress may be physical: highlight a text, in this sense, is to underline it or mark it in some way. This is why in some countries referred to as highlighter to a certain marker, fibron, or marker. These instruments have a stroke thickness that is ideal to highlight words or paragraphs: "Don't forget to highlight the most important ideas of the document", "I took to highlight the names of the members in the text but now I can't find them", "I suggest you highlight in yellow countries and cities, green".
In the oral language, certain ideas can be highlighted through a special intonation, gesture support, or other resource. Suppose that the Governor of a province is giving a press conference and indicates: "the last year creating 15,000 jobs employment. They understand the importance of this figure? We created 15,000 jobs employment." In this case, the politician makes use of a rhetorical question and the repetition of a phrase to highlight what you are interested in disseminating.

Meaning of highlight

The word highlight holds two uses well extended, on the one hand, be distinguished or highlight much one thing from another. His modesty stands out among his colleagues who happen to be a little vain indeed.
On the other hand, highlight involves Excel one thing among others. The clock of time is what most stands out of the showroom.
The uniqueness, originality, low repetition, virtually no comparison with another couple, it out of the ordinary, are some of the conditions that normally make one thing to highlight one or more other above.
In both, the word highlight tends to be linked to concepts that express about the same, such is the case of: highlight, Excel, Excel, shine, dawn, enhance, distinguished. On the other hand, the term stress is directly opposed to concepts as the match, confused, because nothing, nor anyone who is worthy of highlight can be equated with something else or another individual.
For example, a prize received by an individual, as a result of the outstanding activity that plays in the framework of his profession is a reason to highlight.
And on the other hand, the word highlight commonly used frequently in everyday language when it comes to highlight that part important, impossible to circumvent or bypass, within some text, work, among other options. Usually, the highlight is done through a bookmark or indelible pen which facilitates the imprint and that highlighted does not disappear easily.

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