What is the meaning of requisition? Concept and Definition of requisition

Definición de Requisa. Concepto de Requisa

Definition of requisition

The French term requisition became our language as requisition. It's the process that develops an authority to inspect a certain place or check the belongings of a person and thus sequester certain objects, whose possession is not allowed.
For example: "the prison authorities seized three firearms and eight knives after a general requisition", "the suspect vehicle was subjected to a requisition", "requisition to a carrier allowed to seize five kilograms of cocaine".
Recalls are a Faculty of the State, pursuant to the laws of each country. It is common that requisitions are developed in airports, train stations, ports and bus terminals to check luggage being transported and detect any illegal goods.
A requisition made by the airport police, to mention a possibility, may involve open dozens of bags and suitcases and appeal to specialized dogs to detect drugs. Thanks to this type of action, the security forces are able to fight against drug trafficking.
Las requisas también son frecuentes en las cárceles. Las autoridades a cargo de controlar las prisiones desarrollan, de manera periódica, inspecciones en las celdas para confirmar que los reclusos no cuenten con elementos cuya tenencia está prohibida en ese contexto. Gracias a una requisa, es posible que los integrantes del Servicio Penitenciario descubran que un preso escondía un arma entre sus pertenencias. Tras detectar el arma, las autoridades se la quitan al recluso y lo sancionan por violar las normas.

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