Dracula and Frankenstein


Gothic novel by the English author Bram Stoker (1847-1912), published in 1897 for
become the most popular legend about vampires. The novel takes place in a city in Transylvania, Romania, and it is treated as a diary in which to write the main characters: Jonathan Harker, who visit to count Drácula in his castle with his fiancée (later wife) mine, which is to be adored by the count.
The good Dr. Seward and Lucy Westenra, a victim who is then converted into a vampire also involved.
The doctor and his friends eventually destroy Dracula, but not before having to traverse the heart of Lucy with a stake to save his soul.
The story of Dracula seems to summarize the European popular legends about the nosferatus (not dead) might have originated in the supposed adventures of Prince Vlad, whom 100,000 victims were attached and was called DRAC, Devil. Many critics have seen in the history of Dracula and vampire a sublimation of sexuality in the Victorian times.


Novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), written in 1818 under the title Frankenstein or the modern PROMETHEUS.Account history, between Gothic and romantic, what happened to Victor Frankenstein, a Swiss natural sciences student who manages to create an artificial man, using pieces of bodies that, together, end up coming to life in a strange creature. By his terrifying appearance, his clumsiness and huge size, the character is you mido, hated and repudiated by the inhabitants of the small town where he lives his creator.
The monster manages to behave like humans, but don't get neither compassion nor company. It urges then his manager that gives female company, what it can't get, provoking the wrath of the creature and its own destruction. The name of Frankenstein was awarded to the own character, which became one of the most famous monsters of the West. The author of the novel was the wife of the famous English poet Percy Bysshe SHELLEY (1792-1822).
Actor Boris Karloff (1887-1969), Anglo-American whose real name bre was William Henry Pratt, won worldwide fame playing Frankenstein in film, and Mel Brooks, director and actor born in 1927 as Melvin Kaminsky, made the Young Frankenstein a delirious and hilarious version. Between the two marked an exciting range of films about the horrific character who, however, exhibited flashes of sensitivity and suffering by their inability to communicate, be understood, and be able to love.
Article translated for educational purposes from: Planeta Sedna 

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