Sherlock Holmes really exist?

Who was Sherlock Holmes?

Fictional character created by English author Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Prototype of the deductive detective, analyst and maker of theories commonly successful.
The author modelled the character based on his professor of medicine, Dr. Joseph Bell de Edimburgo, who took their mannerisms and methods. Thin, nervous, stubborn, Sherlock Holmes was only used for scientific reasoning to solve mysteries and performed the most amazing deductions based on trivial details and evidence that, of course, everyone ignored.
It smoked a pipe, used capote, played the violin and used to take drugs as the model chosen. She lived in the 221 Baker Street. Doctor John H. Watson was his partner. Although obtuse and distracted it who usually tells stories.
Professor Moriarty was the archenemy of Sherlock Holmes. His full name was Professor james Moriarty, a brilliant mathematician who put his genius at the service of the crime. The author of the fiction presents him as a character who could kill their hero detective. Finally, the two men are in a duel of Titans in the falls of Reinchenbach, Switzerland.
After the party arm struggle, both fall into the dangerous stream and die at the same time. Conan Doyle, however then resurrected Holmes and Moriarty dead left.
Modern novel detectives, with all its conventions, considered that he was born in 1841 with the crimes of the Morgue Street, Edgar Allan Poc (1 809-1849) and the Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins in 1868. But Sherlock Hol month has gone down in history as the most famous of all the detectives.
Character beloved cinema its most representative actor Basil Rathbone was. Then it was animated by Christopher Lee, Roger Moore, Peter Cushing, Nicholas Rowe, Michael Pennington and Anthony Higgins. In the history of cinema, is the character on which there have been more movies: 120
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