The Imposition of hands for what was used?

Imposition of hands: A remote history note that the appearance of pustules, wounds, abscesses in the neck or cold tumors called Scrofula, could only be cured by the touch of a King or a Queen. In those days was called "real bad" symptom.
The first ceremony probably took place when Enrique VII (1457-1509) became King of England to invade the island from France and defeat the forces of Ricardo III at the battle of Bosworth (1485, where dying King Ricardo III, last Plantagenet).
Was he to marry Isabel, daughter of Eduardo IV, and then join the houses of York and Lancaster who touched creating the Tudor Dynasty.
With him began also the ceremonies of imposition of hands which then became a tradition that became King in Queen and King Queen, or rather, hands in hands.., less real today.
But in addition, for that that the Kings are infallible, also ran the story that some sovereigns distributed at Easter rings blessed by your infinite power to cure various ailments, including epilepsy.
Fervent imagination of the Kings and their image consultants had no limits and they had no alternative: to believe or burst.
Article translated for educational purposes from:  Planeta Sedna 

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