What is the Holy Grail?

The word derives from the old French graal, from the latin, gradalu, Cup, Calyx.
In medieval times, the Emerald chalice supposedly used by Jesus at the last supper and then by José de Arimatea at the Crucifixion to preserve the blood of the wounds of Jesus. Jose would have led him to England, but the Goblet disappeared.
According to other legends, were angels who took him to the top of a mountain and placed him under the surveillance of a group of Knights. When someone who was not pure consciousness and behavior was approaching him, the Grail disappear.
The search for the Grail became the desire of the mystical union with God and was treated in many stories of chivalry and especially in the legends of King Arthur's Knights.
The stories of the original use of the Holy Grail - which serves to collect the blood of Christ at the Crucifixion - undoubtedly relate the precious blood of Christ with the Grail, and could well be a metaphor of the current bloodline of the Christian Messiah.
Intertwined with this theory is the idea that Christ was supposedly married to Magdalena María before his death and that she gave him a daughter.
Therefore, the family line of Christ supposedly continues today, and the Grail would be «Creeper» through which the family of Christ is connected with the Merovingians of France.
Article translated for educational purposes from:  Planeta Sedna 

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