Who was Hanlet?


The name of the Prince of Denmark, central character of the tragedy written by William SHAKESPEARE (1514-1616).
According to some scholars, the figure of Hamlet corresponds to the of Amleth, whose story is told in Sax Grammaticus, the history of Denmark, written in the 12th century. It is possible that this legend had been brought from Iceland: the saga of the Amlooi of the other 10th century scholars have believed that it could have originated in a tale of the 10th century of Persian origin: Khuatay-namak, book of Kings.
The story of Hamlet was also told by Belleforest Franools in Histoz'res Tragzques.Also cited as precedent the part of Thomas Kyd Ur-Hamlet, of which only the name is known because it believes it lost.
None however describe the incomparable and harrowing question of Hamlet and his dramatic indecisiveness as Shakespeare, who installed the work in Helsingor's Kronborg, fortress of the Crown, in Denmark, built in 1574. It overlooks the Strait between Denmark and Sweden.
Hamlet is the profound painting of the soul of a dreamer and philosopher who succumbs to overwhelmed by the role that the circumstances require it and the movedora figure of his fiancée, Ophelia.
The story relates that the King of Denmark has been killed by his brother, Claudius, who then becomes King and marries the widow of the dead monarch, Gertrude, Hamlet's mother.
The ghost of the King visits his son, Prince Hamlet, and calls for revenge. The work concludes with the duel between Hamlet and the courtier Lacrtes and death by poison of the main characters. The personality of Hamlet became a symbol that describes people who intensely deliberate their actions, have many obstacles to take swift and decisive action. Hamlet is wrapped in a distressing melancholy.
It is the longest of the works of Shakespeare and contains several soliloquy, dramatic monologues of Hamlet, many of which have become the modern times as phrases made or repeated in different circumstances:
-"There's a divinity that shapes our ends".
-"Fragility, your name is woman".
-"Something is rotten in Denmark or something stinks in Denmark".
-"Be or not to be: that is the dilemma".
-"Providence is present even in the fall of a Sparrow".
Shakespeare took the words of Jesus when he says:
-"A Sparrow will fall to the ground without your father's presence".
Article translated for educational purposes from: Planeta Sedna 

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