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Ed Paterman has that he never liked to hear to sneak outside conversations, but one night, across the courtyard, he was surprised by it. His wife, in the kitchen, talking with his son who was sitting in e minor soil. He stopped next door to listen quietly and then wrote this story.
Apparently, some guys had been in my house boasting of his parents who were senior executives. Then all asked our son Robert:
- And your father what you do?
Robert whispered, moving the view:
-It is a simple worker.
My wife waited for everyone to go and then called our little.
-I have something to tell you, son. -A kiss on the Chin dimple - gave it. You have said that your dad is a simple worker and is true. But as I doubt what that means for you, I want to explain it to you.
These important industries that make big to our country, small shops, the trucks that carry and bring the goods, everything depends on simple workers. Whenever you see one House, son, remember that it is the simple worker who does great works.
It is true that executives have nice desks and never to dirty clothes. They plan major operations or design to large projects. But without the simple worker could not carry them out.
If the heads leave their offices to take a year of vacation, the wheels of industry could continue spinning. But if men like your father does not show up for work, the companies do not work. The simplest of the workers is essential to do a great work-.
I look a tear and clearing to make me hear, I opened the door. My son arose from a jump with lighted eyes with joy and gave me a hug. Then I said:
-Do you know, Dad?, I am very proud to be your son.
Translated for educational purposes

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