Aesop's Fables: The Foxes at the Meander river

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Certain day the foxes met to borders of Meander river with the purpose of calming their thirst; but the river was very turbulent, and no one dared to approach to the river.

At last one of them spoke, and wanting to humiliate to the others, made fun of their cowardice and was conceited to be bravest.

Thus, the fox jumped imprudently to the turbulent waters.

But the strong current dragged it to the center of the river, and the companions, following him from the border shouted to him:

"Please, do not leave us. Come back and tell us how we will be able to drink water without danger!"

But the imprudent one, dragged without any remedy, and trying to hide its near death, answered :

"Now I am taking a message for Mileto; when I return I will teach to you how."

 Generally, boasting always is within the reach of the danger.

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