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It will never be redundant to remember the history of the Stonecutters to see the differences in perceptions, between one person and another, on labour. Similarly, we can say that what motivates a person does not necessarily motivated to another.
A few workers were itching stone in front of a huge building in construction.
A visitor approached one of the workers and asked:-what are doing you here?
The workman looked at him harshly and replied:
-Perhaps you are blind not to see what we do? Here, chopping stones as slaves for a miserable salary and no less recognition. You see that poster. There are written the names of engineers and architects, but not to put our who we are to those who work hard and let the skin in the work.
The visitor then approached another worker and asked him the same thing.
-Here, as you well you see, itching stone to lift this huge building. The work is hard and is badly paid, but times are tough, there is much work and something must be done to bring food to the children.
The visitor approached a third worker and once again asked him what he was doing. The man answered enthusiastically:
-We are raising up a hospital, the most beautiful in the world. Future generations will admire it impressed and hear the constant into and out of ambulances, announcing the aid of God for men. I will not see it finished, but I want to be part of this extraordinary adventure.
The same work, the same pay, the same lack of recognition, the same reality. Three different ways to live it: slavery, resignation or passion, as an adventure that love and a challenge.
The attitude to people or things is a single response that determines how positive or negative as acting people in all situations of life.
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