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A company was in a difficult situation because sales were bad, the workers and employees were despondent and the financial situation of the business was critical.
It was necessary to do something to deal with the chaos, but no one wanted to assume nothing. On the other hand, staff only complained that things were wrong and that there is no prospect of progress in the company. All believed that someone should take the initiative to change that situation.
One day, when employees arrived to work, they found the goal a huge sign that read:
"Died yesterday the person who prevented the growth of our company. You are invited to participate in the wake in the Sports Hall".
At first the reaction was sadness, everyone grieved at the death of someone, but after some time, felt curious to know who would be blocking the growth of the company. The agitation in the Sports Hall was so large it was necessary to call the security guards to organize a file.
As people were approaching the drawer arousal increased. Who will be the progress which was clogging? What luck that this unhappy is dead!
One by one, stirring officials approached the coffin, watched the deceased and were stunned and in absolute silence as if they had been injured in the depths of their souls.
Certainly that you not have imagined never what was at the bottom of the drawer: there was a mirror!
The moral of this story is quite clear, there is only a person capable of limiting its growth: yourself.
‒Usted is the only person who can change your life.
‒Usted is the only person that can damage your life.
‒Usted is the only person who can help itself.
Do not try to find blame for their failures. Not invent excuses and meets what promises to himself and to others... be responsible for
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