It is impossible to avoid criticism

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There was once a marriage with a twelve-year-old son and a donkey. They decided to go to another province to try his luck. Thus, they were the three with his donkey. Through the first village people said: "look at that boy so inconsiderate! The donkey and the poor parents taking the reins".
Upon hearing this the husband fell it and climbed on it.
When you reach the second village people muttered: "what scoundrel looks such: let that creature and the poor woman thrown out donkey, while it goes up very comfortable!". Then, they took the decision to upload it to the donkey while the father and the son pulling the reins.
In the third village people commented: "poor man, after working all day, wear the woman on the donkey! And the poor child! What awaits you with that mother! "." They have, then, agreed and decided to get the three to the donkey.
But across the following people heard that villagers say: "are beasts, more beasts than the donkey carrying them, will be starting the backbone!". Finally they decided to get off the three and walk next to the donkey.
However, in the next spot could not believe what the voices were saying with mockery: "look at those three idiots: walk, when you have a donkey that could lead them!".
They will always criticize, speak badly of you, and it will be difficult to find someone who look you well your attitudes and behaviors. Then, live as you create, make it think that it is correct and that dictate you your conscience and your heart.
Translated for educational purposes

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