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Maritza Crespo brings us this beautiful story of geese who listened to one of his teachers when he was studying for his doctorate in the United States:
"The next fall when you see geese heading south for the winter, look that fly forming a V." You might want to know what science has discovered about why flying in that way. It was found that when each bird flaps its wings, it produces a movement in the air that helps the bird that goes behind it. Flying v the full flock increases at least a 71 per cent more power than if each bird flew only.
Whenever a goose gets out of formation immediately feel the air resistance, it gives account of the difficulty of doing so quickly and only returns to his training to benefit from the power of partner going forward.
When the leader of the goose gets tired, it is passed to one of the posts back and another goose takes his place. The geese that go back c to encourage them to go forward to keep the speed. Finally, when a goose gets sick or wounded by shot falls, other two geese out of formation and follow him to help him and protect him. They are accompanied it until it is able to fly again or until you die, and only then the two companions back to their flock or join another group."
The dolphins are also a prodigious animals. They swim in group to support and protect themselves. If one becomes ill at the crossing, two who hold it and help approaching him. Take turns until the patient recovers. They are also very helpful with people and proven cases that have helped and saved some castaways are known.
How much we have to learn the humans of the geese and dolphins! On all today that refers to both productivity and competitiveness, and forget the service and solidarity. Be fully person is to live with and for others. It is understood the life as a gift. In moments in which prevails the most savage individualism culture and we are told and is repeated to us that each one must fend for itself, genuine education should cultivate the human value of selfless service and delivery. Remember the poem by Gabriela Mistral:
All nature is a yearning for service. It serves the cloud, wind serves, serves Groove. Where there is a tree planting, plant it where there is an error that amend, amend it where there is an effort that all Dodge, accept you. I know that set off Stone Road, the hatred of the hearts, and the difficulties of the problem.
There is joy of being healthy and be fair; but there is above all, the beautiful joy to serve.
How sad would the world be if everything in it is made, if there is a rose Bush planted,
a company that take...
But don't fall into the error that is made only merits with the great works; There are small services which are good services: decorating a table, order a few books, combing a girl. One is that criticism; that is he who destroys. You know the one that serves.
The serve is not task of inferior beings.
God, who gives the fruit and light, served.
You could call it that: who serves.
It has eyes fixed on our hands and ask us every day:
you served today?
To whom?
To the tree, your friend, your mother?
Translated for educational purposes

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