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Organizations for what they need that their employees are motivated? The answer is easy: to make the best possible performance.
And what difference does the individual performance for organizations? For all the importance: performance is the manifestation of some where you can see the actual achievement of results. And these - targets and measurable - results are what make grow people, companies, State institutions and countries.
The trio is composed of motivation, performance and satisfaction, then come the productivity. Why it is important to make clear the difference between motivation and satisfaction. Professor Fernando Toro explains it to us in a very simple way:
A confusion in the administrative means (...) is the lack of clarity between the concepts of motivation and satisfaction. (...) Motivation refers to the choice and the effort that someone insists on working performance. The effects of motivation are measured in the performance. She (the motivation) affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the people at work.
On the other hand, satisfaction refers to feelings of affection and pleasure that a person develops with regard to their working conditions. Assessed in terms of liking or displacer experienced by everything around him at work.
These are some elements necessary to understand the scope of the motivation and approaching scientific and practically to her. With these clarifications we can anticipate some keys to improve performance (measured primarily in terms of productivity and efficiency) of persons, both within and outside companies.
Motivation and performance, satisfaction and productivity under the dynamics of this Quartet move threads of labor conduct in all organizations in the modern world. In this scheme, all the efforts of the Organization are based to be excellent and effective.
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