The blind and the elephant

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The different interpretations that functions that make the head, the employee, the methods engineer and performance evaluator, looks a lot like this classic tale.
Once was an elephant to a city inhabited by blind. In this city was ignored what and how it was so strange and enormous animal, so they decided to call a few scholars of his town-blind also - to formulate an opinion.
The first expert approached the elephant, thoroughly felt his legs and then said:
-I can say that this animal is like a column.
The second scholar, on the other hand, played thoroughly the ear of the pachyderm.
-I must tell you that my colleague is wrong; This animal is like a fan and does not seem at all to a column - said firmly.
Finally the third Sage thoroughly explored the elephant's trunk and ruled:
-I want to clarify that my two colleagues have clearly missed his appreciation. It is obvious that this animal resembles a snake.
Thus arose between the inhabitants of the city a great controversy between those who defended one or other of the opinions of scholars, thus creating various warring sides.
However, was right to pass by there a man who perfectly saw and heard of the dispute, wanted to get those people in your error describing them was like the elephant in reality and explaining that each lawyer had only received a part of the animal.
As the blind is insisted in his error, said that that individual was mad, expelled him in bad ways of their city, and even today, they continue to debate the issue between them.
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