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Classes came and the child attended school for the first time. It was a very small and fragile child and school seemed overwhelming. But when the child discovered that it could enter your salon from door giving abroad, was very happy and already not the school seemed so great.
One morning, said teacher:
-Today we will make a drawing.
The child was happy because he loved to draw. I knew painting lions, Tigers, chickens, cows, boats, cars, houses, cities... He pulled out his box of crayons and started drawing.
-Wait, is not yet time to start - told the teacher-today we're going to paint flowers.
The child seemed well because he loved to paint flowers. He began to paint some extraordinary flowers with their crayons, red, Orange, blue. But the teacher said:
-Do not paint anything yet. I'm going to teach how the flowers are painted.
And the teacher drew a red flower with the Green stem. The child looked at the flower that had made the teacher, looked at which he had already painted and hers liked it much more. But he didn't say it. It turned the sheet and painted a red flower with stem green, just like the flower of her teacher.
-Today we will work with plasticine - said a few days later the teacher.
The child was happy because he loved to play dough. With it he was able to make snakes, mice, cars, trucks, trees, men, books... and began to prepare your ball of dough. But the teacher said:
-Still it is not time to start. Let the quiescent plasticine until I tell you. Today we are going to make a dish and I will teach you how to do it.
The child imagined multiple forms of dishes, but as the teacher made a deep dish and he had told them that they had to do what she did, also made a dish deep, as well as from the teacher.
Thus, little by little, child learned to wait to tell him what he had to do, and became a child obedient, exemplary, because there was always things like ordering him to his teacher.
After a time, the family moved to another city and the parents took the child to a new school.
-Today we will make a drawing - said the teacher the first day that the child came to this school.
The child began to wait for the teacher to say how they have to do that drawing but did not tell them anything, and began to walk down the Hall and look at the drawings of children.
-Do you not like drawing?-asked him when he saw him doing nothing.
-Yes - replied the child- but what are we going to do?
-I don't know, whatever you want. -With any color?
-Of course, if everyone did the same, how would I know what painted each one.
-I don't know, said the child, and began making a red flower with the Green stem.
(Free version of the small child of Helen Bucklein).
Educate is not indoctrinate, but cause creativity. How many artists in power have passed through our classrooms and a repetitive education has impeded that surfaced and develop your talents! Education needs to encourage autonomy, not submission. If all genuine education is possibility, in the traditional school all is determination: students must do what the teacher says, as you say and when I tell you. There is no place to astonishment, for intuition, for creation. Genuine master, rather than inculcate answers and imposing the repetition of standards, concepts and formulas, orients the students towards the creation and discovery, spurs your imagination, promotes its inventiveness, guide them so they gallop untethered by the ways of their freedom.
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