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The following story, borrowed from zen Buddhism, speaks of the need to open the mind to new concepts.
A young man went to visit a wise old man in order that an it. The old man received him kindly, and invited him to take a cup of tea. Meanwhile, the newcomer did not stop talk hit on their many skills and experiences.
At the time that listened to it, Sage said to the young that the abundance of knowledge exhibited by him was such that soon already would not fit him nothing in the head.
The old took the tea and began to pour tea into the cup of the guest, to a moment in which the steaming liquid spilled. However, he continued serving tea.
-Do you, Sir? -young, said. Not given account that the Cup is full and that tea is falling to the ground?
The old man smiled slyly and said:
-You, as well as the Cup, you're completely full of your own opinions, prejudices and beliefs. What would I try to teach you something if you not before empty?
The sacrifice of abandoning the familiar (the comfort zone that we like) is the price that we pay for giving up the status quo. It is important then, that people are not full of opinions, prejudices or beliefs immovable and, rather, that they are open to new perspectives and debates, enabling them to reach logical conclusions.
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