The girl, the stone and the horse

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They say that, on one occasion, entered a girl in the workshop of a sculptor. For a long time, was enjoying all the amazing things from the workshop: hammers, chisels, pieces of discarded sculptures, sketches, busts, trunks, but what most impressed the girl was a huge stone in the middle of the workshop. It was a rough, full of bruises and wounds, uneven, stone brought in a long and painful journey from the distant mountains. The girl was stroking with her eyes the stone and, after a while, departed. Returned the girl to the workshop a few months, and was surprised that, instead of the huge stone, stood a beautiful horse who seemed eager to get rid of the fixity of the statue and put a galloping. The girl went to the sculptor and said to him: How did you that within that stone was hiding that horse?
Education comes from the Latin word educere, which means to get inside. It is an educator who does not see in each student the rough and uneven stone we see others, but the work of art that hides within each of them, and understands its mission as that helps to file the rough edges, to heal bruising, which contributes to that it works and is revealed to be wonderful for all of us in power. How change the educational relationship if every teacher is placed against his students with the firm conviction that all are true works of art, different, unique, wonderful! The educator has an indispensable mission of midwife of the personality of sculptor of hearts. He is someone who understands and assumes the importance of his mission, aware that it does not end with teach or facilitate the development of certain skills and abilities, but is directed to train people, to teach how to live with authenticity, with sense and project, with defined values, realities, unknowns and hopes. Often teach students to appreciate and admire the works of art of painters and sculptors, literary masterpieces, the wonders of science... That is fine, but let's not forget to teach them that each of them is a work of art infinitely more wonderful than all masterpieces of artists.
This Yes got it right that boy who asked his teacher asked his students to tell him a prodigy or something wonderful that existed twenty years ago, responded: I, teacher.
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