The ingenuity of an Ant

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Some time ago I started to carefully observe the life of ants, and I confess that I was stunned to see them work with both order and effort. Once, an Ant in particular especially attracted my attention. Black and medium sized, carried as loading a straw which, apparently, was six times longer than she herself. After advancing nearly a meter with similar load became a kind of crack, narrow but deep, formed between two huge rocks. He tried to cross one way and another, but all their effort was in vain. Until finally the Ant did something unusual: with all ability supported the ends of the straw between an edge and a crack, and built its own bridge to cross the abyss. When you reach the other side, again seized their cargo and continued his brave journey trouble-free.
Ant developed his load on a bridge, and thus was unable to continue his trip to the mound. You have not carried that burden, good heavy for her, would have made a long detour to advance on its way...
We capture the moral of this story? Many times we complain about problems, loads and tests of will that we must endure, without realizing that those same charges - well used - can become bridges and steps that can help us to succeed and advance.
There are many signs: a heart deficiency a doctor made a famous cardiologist; a physical handicap became a young man a great writer; the timidity of a student led him to be an outstanding researcher. How many other examples we could mention! All of them to show the same truth: must bear our burdens with value to become bridges of success and prosperity.
Trust in God. He will not allow that the test you annihilate; rather it will give you strength to continue with value and reach greater heights.
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