The search for the horizon

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Eduardo Galeano tells the story of a man and a woman, fascinated by the dazzling landscape of color and light that flowed before their eyes, they decided to put a walk in search of the horizon. They walked and walked and as they advanced, the horizon was moving away from them. They decided to hasten its steps, do not stop even for a moment, ignore the cries of fatigue, thirst and hunger. Useless, much as accelerated progress and multiplied their efforts, the horizon remained equally distant, unattainable. Tired and disappointed, wrecked feet both gait and vertigo of being fatigued, feeling defeated said: "What us the horizon if we are never going to achieve?" Then, he heard a voice saying: so continue walking.
In education, as in life, stop is back. There is no journey, road is made by walking. Some think that the road is already made and rush to take it routinely: programs, classes, evaluations and notes... A succession of courses and always the same age. Routine creates the illusion of walking, but it is a movement that even though is how easy, us going away goal because we will desalmando, the heart will agusanando us, makes us lose the enthusiasm, has to convince us that there is no horizon. Others speak of the need to seek new paths, that already are old, but remain installed on their securities, speaking of the road, instead of through it. Continue to seek the horizon is to have found already, because the goal is not the end of the road, but that is precisely to continue walking and looking for always, not giving up, in managing the hope and follow faithful in search of an always renewed education.
At the time that you leave to seek change, is that you have changed it. Close to change is to give back to life. The school will change when you change.
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