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A new project was started by a University Professor among his students. Each gave four monkeys in blue, all with the legend "You are important to me", and asked that they put the first.
Then told them what the experiment was about: had to give a tape to someone who was important to them, explaining the reason and giving them other tapes that she do the same.
All came out of that kind of thinking would give to who your tapes. Among students, there was one who was away from home and could not give the tape to their parents or siblings. The next day very early had the answer: I had a friend, a young professional who had driven him to choose his career and who often advised him when things were not going as well as he hoped.
Leaving class turned to the building where his friend worked. Missed your friend to see it and thought that something bad was happening. Student explained the purpose of his visit and gave three monkeys, asked him to put one, and told him that "being away from home, he was best suited for porting it".
The young Executive felt flattered, did not get that kind of recognition often and promised his friend that he would continue with the experiment and would inform you of the results. The young Executive returned to work and already almost to the departure time, came up with a risky idea: you wanted to give your boss the two remaining monkeys.
The Chief was a sullen person and always busy, which had to wait to be "vacated". When he got to see it, the boss just growled: "Do you want?". The young Executive sheepishly explained the purpose of his visit and showed two monkeys.
The head, astonished, asked him: "why do you think I am it more appropriate to have that monkey?". The Executive replied that he admired it for its ability and enthusiasm in business, also that he had learned a lot from it and was proud to be under his command. The boss hesitated, but much welcomed two monkeys.
The Chief, used to be in the office until late, this time came out early. On the lapel was one of the monkeys and the other in a pocket of his coat. When his wife asked him if something happened, he responded that that day I wanted to be with his family. Then the man asked: 'Where is our son?'. When the son came down from his room, the father only said: "Come with me".
Both the father and the son sat on the porch of the House. The father looked at his son, who in turn looked at him almost paralyzed. Then the man started to say that he recognised not to be a good father and that many times it had lost of important moments in the life of the child. Mentioned you that you had decided to change, that he wanted to spend more time with them, since his mother and he were the most important thing was. Mentioned you the monkeys and the attitude of its young Executive. He added that he wanted to give his latest mono to him, because it was a very important person at home and the day of his birth had been the happiest of his life, who was proud to be his father.
All this was saying while lit you monkey saying "You are important to me". The son, almost without recover surprise and with tears in his eyes replied:
"Dad, I don't know what to say to this. He planned to leave tomorrow the House because he was worried thinking that I didn't you for nothing. I love you papa, forgive me..." They cried and hugged each other.
This is a kind of motivational energy that turns over others when one is to express the details by which loves people. "You are important" is a very positive message, even more when it comes from a figure of authority that some day one expects that kind of special recognition
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