The tree of scarves

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Julio walked slowly through the streets of the city. He often looked back if someone followed him. I was afraid of everything, meet with an acquaintance, police or a thief. He felt ill and was hungry and cold. December progressed quickly and soon would come Christmas. What would you do? On the portfolio it had a ticket, and in all places where it had requested work, he had been told that by now it was impossible to come back next year, maybe if things improved... To satiate their hunger had been offered in a restaurant washing dishes in Exchange for food, but when they saw him dirty and with beard several days they imagined it was a beggar or a rogue and told of bad ways that they had who wash the dishes, not needing it, if he was not there they would call the police.
July had reached the city a lot of money, thought that they were not going to never end and spent lavishly, without thinking about tomorrow. When he had money, friends, overran it but when it gave nothing and half sick you were turning their backs and left it alone. When he walked aimlessly through the streets of the city that now seemed so inhuman and hostile, he remembered much of his parents and siblings. What happy had to be in the village! Are they would agree it? What they would think when they know of that I had wasted all the money that had been given to make the study? So much sacrifice, both work, so excited that he Yes was going to take forward and there it was, just desolate, no friends, no money, no studies, with the terrible weight of feeling that had tricked the family and which had shattered his illusions. Could you forgive him?
He would face questions and write them a letter. I would say the truth of everything and how wandering the streets hungry and without having to sleep. If they forgive him, he would return to the House and would work tirelessly to replenish all the evil that had made, forget holiday, would not require anything for it. And if they not condoning it? This idea martirizaba to July and would not let him rest. Well, if they not condoning it, it would to roll through life, or take away it is, for what to live with no one wanted it, without ideals, no horizons or hope?
The father of July returned exhausted from the field work. They weighed much the years now and every day are you more tired.
-Dad, Dad, Julio has written a letter. Read it, Dad, that we can not bear the desire to know how're going you.
The father's eyes lit up illusion. «Finally decided to write the boy. Sure that waited for it to begin classes to have something important to tell us'. Father washed his hands, sat down at the kitchen table and opened the letter with trembling hands. Halfway through reading, laden with pain, watery eyes raised towards his wife.
-Maria, Maria... - and the voice broke.
-What, Antonio? Has something bad happened to July? Are you sick? What, tell us, Antonio? Read aloud the letter that I can not stand the urge to cry.
The father began to read with voice drowned out by the emotion and suffering: "dear parents and siblings: I want to ask for forgiveness for how bad I've ported, the enormous trouble and pain that they will feel when you read this letter, not that I remembered you, failing another day with my duty of student»for having launched and wasted all the money I got for a good future. I am ill, penniless, alone, hungry, desperate...»
Antonio stopped reading and hung his eyes of his wife and children listened agog. He swallowed and continued him reading: "If you forgive me and are willing to receive me, put a white handkerchief in the tree that are before the House. I will pass on the bus on Christmas Eve. If I see the handkerchief in the tree, I will download and will go toward the House. If not, I understand and will continue my trip, you may not know where to go".
As the bus neared the village, July was dying of nerves. Would be hanging the scarf in the tree? They would be able to forgive him his parents and siblings? You would soon know, the bus was giving the last lap before heading down the main street of the village. Then saw the tree: was so full of white scarves that looked like it had snowed.
When the bus stopped at the station and July descended with crossed of emotion and crying eyes and heart, found that the family was there, smiling, happy, filling him with hugs.
The main pedagogical principle is to love the student. In education, it is impossible to be effective if we are not affective. No method, no technique, no curriculum for bulky to be, can replace the affection in education. Love to all the students, in particular that need it most, those who have more shortcomings and problems. Love the student is always believe in him, in their ability to change and grow, have positive expectations about their chances, rejoice in their progress and achievements although they are partial, always willing to lend a hand, to give him another chance. True love does not label people, bears no grudges, does not promote revenge; It forgives unconditionally, you receive with joy, don't ever lose hope.
The waraos to say sorry, say: oblivion.
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