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The family plays a transcendental role in the social life of the peoples. When talking about the loss of values we must return our eyes and examine the family as the source where values are drunk or creates the possitive that we will guide the rest of our lives.
Many reasons are making difficult today the good consciences and actions, but the main one is a lack of coherence. Speaking at all levels, without exception, the family is the point of convergence of its members, but currently there are happening different phenomena of impunity and collusion. The issue is not economic, is structural and is present to our around.
Almost unintentionally, the family tends to be the receipt of the unsuccessful, of the bad students, criminals, Liars, of the corrupt, inept employees... When family tolerate these behaviors without making you blame or with minimal criticism, this situation serves to reason about the phenomenon of excessive tolerance in family environments.
Let's see how born the possitive. The family of a smuggler progresses around members who engage in this trade and almost nobody can reproach them that can not be justified saying that "so the above make it".
Similarly, the family of the speculator feels obliged to support in silence to one of its members delinquent, to maintain the fiction of the family unit, or to the "benefits" of the transgressor will pour in the economic assets of their relatives.
It is dramatic to know that now no one receives, as before, a familiar censorship by labour incompetence, and this is accepted silently as if it were a matter without importance in everyday life. After this internal attitude is reflected negatively on motivation and job.
It is in the family where we learn the value of work. As almost all couples work today, you children hear constantly fas complaints, claims, the injustices committed against the parent;! they are the example that the work is a source of problems, anxieties and stress, almost never pleasure, satisfaction, or self-realization. This is what broadcast them parents to the children about the value of the work.
Own incoherence leads then to indifference by the ethical in others. Words, I don't battle my personal coherence and, therefore, I do not ask them is no one. This leads to a permissive climate against large and small corruptions. Phrases such as "get the silver, son, get it honestly;" and if he can't get it honestly, get Silver son"have been understood by the collective as a form of permissiveness.
In definitive, the family environment is that more can be accomplished reconstruction of the moral fabric of a country. The personal example is "transmission belt" of positive values, as made apparent coherence. Welcome complicit in violations, the values are established in the family and unfold "in one way or another to work, so this is distorts as a source of self-realization.
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