The wife of God

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A 10-year-old boy was standing, barefoot, outside a shoe store, looking through the window and shivering. A lady approached him and said to him:-my little friend, what are watching with much interest in that window?
The child answered:
-He was asking God to give me a pair of shoes. Lady took him by the hand, led him in the store and asked the employee to give him half a dozen pairs of socks for the child. He asked if he could provide a bowl of water and a towel. When the employee brought what had asked, Lady took the child to the back of the store, washed his feet and dried them with a towel. Then the employee had arrived with socks, Lady put a couple to the child and then bought him a new pair of shoes. It gave the other socks, put a hand on his head and said:
-There is no doubt, little friend, that you feel more comfortable now, right? Good bye.
When she gave the turn to leave, the child reached it, took her by the hand and looking at her with tears in his eyes asked him:-are you the wife of God?
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