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This is an excellent example of what we call above self-management.
There was a very committed and strict, Professor, also known by his students as a man fair and comprehensive. A summer day at the end of the class while organizing documents on the desk, one of his pupils was approached and in defiant form said:
-Professor, what are glad to have finished the course is that I will not have to listen more to their nonsense and I rest to see that boring face.
The student was erect and arrogant, awaiting that the master's subsequent offended and uncontrolled. The Professor looked at him for an instant and very calmly asked:
-When someone offers you something that you don't want, you receive it?
The student was taken aback by the warmth of the surprise question, and did not see another output that answer:
-Of course that said no, apprehensive and cold-shaped.
-Good - continued the master, when someone tries to offend me or tells me something unpleasant, it is offering me something (in this case an emotion of anger and resentment) that I can decide not to accept,
-Do not understand what means - replied the confused student.
-Very simple - said the Professor, you're offering me anger and contempt, and if I feel offended or I get angry I'll be accepting your gift and I, my friend, I prefer really give me serenity.
Then he added:
-Boy, your anger will pass, but don't you try to leave it with me because I do not want to keep it. I can not control what you carry in your heart, but of me depends on what I charge on my.
Every day, at all times, one can choose the emotions or feelings which want to hold in your heart. Those you choose, you'll have them with you until you decide to change them, alternatives that gives us life are so broad as to upset us or be happy.
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