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Kathy Lamancusa, a contributor to the books of Canfield and Hansen, following and eloquent story there:
My son Joey was born with toes bent upward and plants supported in the womb. Being a new mother that seemed strange to me, but didn't know what it meant in reality. But Joel was born with zopo foot. The doctors assured us that, properly treated, you could walk in normal form, although it was likely that he had difficulty running. Joey spent its first three years of life among operations, casts and braces. His legs were massaged and exercised. In reality, who had seen him walk to the seven or eight years not would have guessed that it had a problem.
If I walked much (in the amusement park or Zoo,) for example complained of tiredness and pain in the legs. Then we stopped to rest and talked of what he had seen taking a drink or an ice cream. Never said you why you hurt your legs or were weak. We do not explain that that was expected because of his congenital deformity. And as we didn't say it, he ignored it.
The neighborhood children played running, like almost all of the children. To view them, Joey rising from a jump and run to play also. We never told him that probably not it could run as well as the others. And as we didn't say it, he ignored it.
In seventh grade he decided that he would enter in the Cross country team. He trained every day with the group. It seemed to strive more than any of the others. Perhaps it was that certain faculties, natural in so many people, were not for him. Didn't we say that, while he could run, it would possibly last. That should have no illusions of the team. That team was formed by the seven best runners of the school. Although the entire run, only those seven could score points for the school. And as we do not explain that you probably never integrated the team, he was unaware of it.
It kept running six to eight kilometers per day, every day. I will never forget that time in that had a fever of thirty-eight degrees. He would not stay at home because he had practice of Cross country. I spent the day concerned by it. He hoped to anytime I called the school to ask me to go to look for it. There was no such communication.
At the end of the schedule, I went to the training zone, thinking that if I saw there, perhaps it chooses to skip the afternoon practice. I found it running down a street surrounded by trees, completely alone. I put the car on its side and accompanied it at low speed to ask him how he felt.
-Well - told me.
Only they were missing three kilometres more. The sweat ran him through the face and had glassy eyes by fever. However, he maintained the fixed sight forward and it was still running. We never told him that he could not run six kilometers with a fever of thirty-eight degrees. And as we do not explain it, he ignored it.
Two weeks later on the eve of the race of the season, were announced the names that would integrate the team. I was in the seventh grade, while the other six members were the eighth. We never told him that probably never would join the team. We never explain it couldn't. And as we didn't say it, he ignored it. Simply couldn't.
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