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A few workers were itching stone in front of a huge building in construction. A visitor approached one of the workers and asked him: "what are doing you here?. The workman looked hard and replied: "maybe you are blind not to see what we do? Here, chopping stones as slaves for a miserable salary and no less recognition. You see that poster. There they put the names of the Governor and the architect, but they do not put our names that we are the ones who fajamos us hard and leave the skin in the work."
The visitor approached another worker and also asked what were doing. "Here, as you can well see, itching stone to lift this huge building. The work is hard and is very badly paid, but times are tough, there is not much work there, and something must be done to bring the food to the children".
Visitors approached a third worker and, once again, asked what were doing. The man answered him with great enthusiasm and a glow of fullness in your eyes: "we are raising the most beautiful Cathedral in the world. "Future generations will admire it impressed and" heard the call of God in the cry of the needles of its towers thrown against the sky. I will not see it finished, but I want to be part of this extraordinary adventure".
The same work, the same miserable salary, the same lack of recognition. The first living them as slavery. The second as resignation. The third, as passion, adventure and challenge. The first was bitter, always complaining. The second worked resigned, accepting the job as a way of life. The third worked with illusion, converting work in une party.
He thinks that the world is a hell and will. Think that this world is part of the paradise and will be. Life can be a funeral or a party. It depends on.
It is hard and difficult work of educating, is very poorly paid and has little social prestige because it is true that while all want the best teacher for their children, very few want their kids to be teachers. Depends on us live as slaves, workers resigned or passionate builders of genuine works of art.
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