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In his work the edge of the frog, Tony de Mello tells the story of that family who had gone to the beach and it was going great. After bathing a fun, the children began to make sandcastles on the shore when, in the distance, appeared an elderly woman, with her gray hair to the wind and their clothes dirty and ragged, that musitaba something between teeth while collecting things from the floor and put them in a plastic bag.
Parents called alarmed together with other children and told them that, for anything in the world, they would bring to the old lady. When it passed next to them, bowing repeatedly to pick up some things from the floor, he directed a smile family. But none returned the greeting. Before warning parents, children looked at her scared, and continued looking at her awhile until he faded in the distance.
A few days later, they learned that the old lady had years cleaning the beach glass and pots so that children are not maiming feet.
A similar story tells us that they gave Peter a beautiful Apple. He beat with effort the desire to eat it because I decided to give it to your teacher. When they were all seated in the lounge, Pedrito out nervous and excited his magnificent Apple.
When he saw her, the voice of her master arose as a whip:
-To see, Pedrito, where that Apple stole?
-Not a stole, got it, master - said the hurt child.
- And do not know can not eat in the living room?
-But, master, I...
-You always with your buts... Give me Apple and already going to the address.
How many times we label with the word or thinking people, and live the character tag and not a real person. We don't see the reality, but we want to see. We put particular student label impossible, terrible, loose..., and do what you please, read its action from the label. If we are convinced that the students have no remedy, we return them impossible. If we convince ourselves that they are extraordinary, they are extraordinary. Much we look at them with eyes clean, caring, non-judgmental. How much it costs us to see beyond appearances... How many thieves cover their shame with jewels and luxurious clothes, and how many saints walk beside us in rags. How much stink emerge some scented bodies and which smell so good some other aged dismiss labour, service and delivery.
Let us look at the students with the eyes of the heart. And we only accept the label that each and every one of them are wonderful.
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