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When I was a child, his grandfather took him to walk a lonely Park. In the middle of the Park had a young and beautiful tree that grew with the impulse of the trees that are next to the rivers.
The child looked with amazement the green of their leaves and how was braiding wedges for birds in its branches. The child stayed quiet, the paraulata came to caress their young, and brought them food on the nest. Later, the child was put to sing with the paraulata and play with the tree.
They were happy. They played together under the gaze of the grandfather. And when the paraulata decided to say goodbye to the Park and fly for ever, the boy and the tree were sad.
But the tree and the child had a secret. They were great friends. When cold was and the tree leaves were you with the wind, the child had to go to school. The two great friends, the boy and the tree, said goodbye and cited for the day they start again, there, the miracle of life.
And they came back together, and play and listen to the birds singing and being happy. The tree gave her children Greens, sweet fruits and the whistle of the wind between its branches. The child gave the shaft caresses and smiles.
One day, the child not attended the appointment. The tree waited and waited. That year its fruits were not so sweet, nor its so green leaves. Who didn't play.
Many years passed. The tree was filled with memories. So hopefully it had become very large. But one day the tree, with an immense joy, saw come towards him, a man who was the child. It rocked their branches and whistled again the wind. And this man, who was the child, said:
-Look, tree, I don't have time to play and be happy. I just want money.
-If you want that - said the tree, take my fruits, sell them. Get rich and returns to play with me.
The man took all the fruits of the tree and was to be rich and not returned. It took long time to return, many years. And when he returned it was winter and tree was glad very much, very much. And the child, who was a man, was very cold and shouted:
-I have very cold, I need to warm up to me.
-Cut my branches and make fire with them. Warm up and then we will play together.
The man cut off the branches and made fire. He entered e\ human body heat and left the Park leaving only tree.
They returned to spend another many years. The tree grew still larger and looked out for his highest Cup to see if the child was approaching on the horizon. One day, came a thoughtful man, with sadness of a child abandoned and alone. He approached the tree and touched him. The tree awoke, and recognizing those hands, again the joy shook the heart of the lone tree.
-Do you think so?, he said the tree-, back to their childhood.
-I'm tired of this land. I want to go far, far beyond the horizon. I want to get lost in the sea, crossing the oceans, other places.
-Come, cut my trunk, get a boat with him. Take to the seas. I know free as you like.
And the child, who was the man, cut the trunk, took a boat and was lost by the seas.
When all hope seemed lost, a wrinkled and sad old man appeared on the same horizon of the seas. His steps turned to the Park, to the stump of the tree. The elder, who was the child, did not already have voice, had fear and shame.
When the roots of the tree felt approaching those famous steps, they understood their language of memories. The elder already said no forces:
-Now I don't want to live. I'm tired of everything. I want to rest in peace.
And the stump, which was the tree, said his last word:
-Come, sit here on my wounds, rest and we are again happy together.
The old man sat on the trunk of the tree and rested long, closing his eyes, living the life of memories. And when his hands wanted to caress the stump of the tree, felt a child tree, a green branch that was new and grew up to above, towards the sky.
The old man looked at his hands and they were hands of child and came a paraulata and began to sing, and the wind whistled again.
Yes, he who loves truth not only is willing to give everything, but who is willing to give it. Be teacher, educator, is something more complex, sublime, and important to teach mathematics, biology, English or literacy. To educate is to illuminate people solidarity, shake hands, offer your own eyes so students can look at the reality without fear, free and autonomous. The task of the educator is mission and not just profession. It involves not only devote hours, but dedicate soul; not only teach, but to give it. It requires not only occupation, but dedication to service.
Genuine educator strives to be a true friend of each of their students. In friendship every human being searches for thirsty appreciation satisfaction, confidence and pleasant conviviality that frequently today students do not find either in the home or in the street. Friendship can go to healing the wounds of the loneliness and heartbreak. Friend expects, comprehends, he is willing to reach out when he is most needed. Look not look judgmental, but sympathetic, affectionate. It is there, waiting in silence, always willing to help even at the expense of his own life.
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