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There is a beautiful hindu tale of a pilgrim who was to spend the night under a tree in a forest near the village. In the depths of darkness, as it was closed without Moon or star night, he heard someone shouting you:
-Stone! Stone!, give me the precious stone, pilgrim of Shiva.
The man stood up, approached the man who shouted him and told him:
-What stone like, brother?
-Last night - told him the man with the agitated voice - I had a dream in which Lord Shiva told me that if I came here tonight he would find a pilgrim that would give me a precious stone that rico would make me forever.
The Pilgrim rummaged in his bag and gave him the stone saying:
-I found it in a forest near the river. You can stay with her.
The stranger grabbed the stone and departed to his house. When you arrive; He opened his hand, looked at the stone and saw that it was a huge diamond. During the night I could not sleep emotion. He gave turns and turns in bed without reconciling power sleep. Rose with the dawn, he returned to the place where pilgrims had left and said:
-Give me, please, the wealth that allows you to let go so easily of a diamond.
The true wealth does not consist in piling things, but in becoming detached from them. Already years ago that Gabriel Marcel complained that our civilization teaches us to take control of things, when it should start us in the art of rid of them, because there is no freedom or real life without learning of the dispossession.
In moments in which prevails the culture of having, the pretend and consuming, and presents selfishness as a fundamental value, we must cultivate by Word and example the value of detachment and generosity. Take life as a service can be the key to find meaning and fulfillment. This is what happened to the man candle who understood its mission to give birth, beat the darkness and light lives was supposed to wear out and melt in the delivery.
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