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Finally, the good God decided to please request an interview that pious craftsman. Had requested it so many times and so ardently...! "I hope tomorrow at the three o'clock pm in the chapel of the Hill. Do not go missing"- thus commanded to say the good God.
In the night not craftsman hit eye nerves of being with God and fear oversleeping and being late. Before dawn already is he was getting ready for the trip because the chapel chosen by God was far. It was better to arrive early and expect everything you do lack to fail God arriving late.
Put the best clothes and embarked on his way. During the entire trip was memorizing the words I would say to the good God. Rounding a bend, saw a peasant with truck stuck in a quagmire. As much as he strove and oxen they piping, truck was not leaving.
-Lend me a hand, good man, he said the farmer - possibly with your help we will succeed in leaving.
-With taste I would do it, but I'm afraid that if I stop, I'll be late to an appointment with God who sent me to call. You will understand, I do wait for God. Also I'm afraid that if I help you, you would spot me clothing and do not want to introduce myself to all dirty before him.
He went his way and later found a merchant who had been assaulted by bandits who had left him half dead on the road. Craftsman feared that, if I stopped to help him, he would perhaps late your appointment with God. Also, if it assisted, police would begin with questions and thing is perhaps complicated to the point that could leave it stopped as inquiries. Therefore, even though it hurt to let it bleed, he went on his way.
It was already missing bit to reach the Hill of the little chapel where Dios had cited it, when, going against a very poor hut, he met a woman who cried inconsolably:
-The son, Lord dies I. Help me, please. Go to the nearby village and brings the doctor.
-I have an appointment with God and I can not be late man is justified and went on his way.
He came to the chapel with several hours in advance. It did not matter. Rest awhile and Ltd. to arise well arranged before God, and then repasaría his words and proposals. As the minutes passed, it was getting more and more nervous. It came at last time, three in the afternoon, then the three and five, the three quarter, three and a half, but no sign of God.
The man did not understand how Dios could miss his own word and when would be the four and I was thinking about leaving, he heard a voice saying:
-Instead of waiting for you, I decided to go out to meet you. Three times you spoke but I do not recognize. I was the peasant of the oxen, hit wholesaler and the woman who had her sick child.
The night was extremely cold and the poor beggar was freezing. His clothes were soaked snow from the road, and nobody at that time and with these spots going to give shelter. If it failed to a warm place, you would die of cold. He hunted and hunted in vain everywhere. He came to the Church and, to his surprise, it was open. He entered, but it looked like a refrigerator of the cold that was. If not lit a bonfire, dried their clothes and warming his body, he would die that night. I had no matches, but soon saw the light bulb of the Tabernacle. It would make a bonfire with some of these old banks and thus it may become warm. To turn it on, I needed some material easier combustion. She looked and looked for in vain, until they saw, next to the Tabernacle, a small crucifix made of tablitas and well woven straw. He hesitated, but as he was not going to withstand more, grabbed it and lit the bonfire with it.
-Has committed a horrendous crime, awful sacrilege - boasted the priest when the next morning found the beggar asleep by the fire - I would ask for the death penalty.
All the people agreed. The night before the execution of the beggar, the priest had a horrible nightmare. The large church Christ began to sweat blood and shudder in pain over your nails. "You what, my God?", asked the priest. «That tomorrow you I will kill again simply because I burned a portrait of me».
Much we accept that Dios is hiding in the poor, the needy, the abandoned, students more awkward and difficult. Much we understand that the only way to serve God through men, especially the most miserable, the faceless, nameless, without... The Gospel does not place the smallest of doubts. In the final hour, we examined service made love: «I did eat when I was hungry?», «I did drink when I was thirsty?», «do me threw a hand when I asked your help?»... "I was the beggar the frightened girl that never you had eyes or smiles... knocked on your door, students requiring your breath,".
We can ask ourselves with Leonardo Boff: «Do our God let us see God?». Do our precepts and religious rules let us see the needy brother? We finish with the ideas of many false gods, that God who we invented our measure which prevents us from seeing God.
Our titles, would let us see the students?
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