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There was a beautiful Lily that grew on one end of the field. Surrounded by stones and nettles admiring its beauty, Lily shone happy.
One day, a multi-colored bird visited that place. Lily tried to be his friend, but the bird rejected it and scorned the ugliness and poverty of their peers.
-I don't know how you can live here, among stones and nettles. You think that this place is beautiful, because you don't know the real beauty. I know Yes lovely places where lilies can fully show its beauty and be admired by those who are worth.
Lily began to lament their fate, to feel horrible, to hate those who lived by his side who now looked ugly and miserable. His frequent visits, bird was poisoning the heart of lily, they talking of distant paradise, making you hate more and more to his former colleagues, who no longer dared to look at Lily and painfully lived his contempt.
One day, Lily already can't take so much misfortune and said to the bird:
-I want to get out of here, take me to the fabulous places that you know where I can look my beauty in all its splendour.
Bird started Lily with its beak, and a few hours, died.
You do not listen or follow never bitter people who cloud you soul, sow you restlessness, van creasing you heart. Examines the people who try to convince you or influence you: let them case if you see them happy, if in your life shines the optimism, if what you say cause you happiness, desire to live fully. Case don't do you if you feel your proposals you are bitter, steal the illusion, wither you utopia, take away peace, you away from people that you really want and you need.
I always know the person more happy and positive from the classroom. Turn it into a party. That the most important goal of all your planning is to ensure that each and every one of your students live happily by your side. Happy in meaningful work, in the ongoing effort to overcome, in the generous dedication. Overwhelms everyone a great joy when we meet with our effort problems, when we help others, when we shared when we are taken into account, when we do good.
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