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A wealthy merchant went to her confessor. He felt sad, sorry, full of anguish.
-I don't know what is what is happening to me. I have everything I always wanted but I'm not happy.
The Confessor, who was a very wise man, did not say anything but led him in front of a window and asked him to look through the glasses and tell him what you saw.
-I see houses, people, children playing...
The Confessor was then the trader against a mirror.
-Do you see now? -asked
-I see myself.
-The same glass, covered with silver, make you not see reality, but you see yourself. Could it be that your business and your pursuit of money does not allow you to see others because only you have eyes for yourself?
I saw three birds in front, turning slowly in large circles, the perfect and synchronized movements of six wings, while momentarily reflected the rising sun and flew then, disappearing in the distance. If I would have been ornithologist, had identified those creature winged by name, and would explain them to their origin and customs. If he had seen them with the eyes of those who predict the time, promising omens of rain, storm or calm and reported them old stories to justify my predictions. As a philosopher, he disertaría about the mystery of life and the multiple forms of existence. But as I am not anything like that, I saw three beautiful white birds enjoying the fullness of the morning.
"It was once a ruthless master. He cut a beautiful flower of the field and became epetulia sighilattai. Students, heartbroken, studied it bitterly". There are many things that don't let us see the reality and not let us see others: prejudice, riches, power and the desire to Excel, consider ourselves more than others, the titles... Frequently, many studies and supposed wisdom does not let us see the beauty, the mystery, the concrete of each one of the students faces. Some use degrees, diplomas and postgraduate courses as sort of pedestal to raise above others, to move away from their colleagues and students, and from the height of their alleged superiority throwing a word increasingly distant and incomprehensible. New titles in education quality can only be tested in an attitude of greater proximity to the students, in a willingness to see them as they are to better help them and serve them.
While it is true that we must always form us, not we can confuse be studying with us to be forming. There are people who studies brutalize them more and more in that they will fill themselves and prevent them from seeing their students, to their families, the world and the problems. Genuine training involves a continuous transformation, growth in the Interior and in the ability to teach better. Nothing use degrees and diplomas if they make us best: best people and best teachers.
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