Sick of melancholy King

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Anatole France tells the story of the King who was sick of melancholy and or buffoons, gifts, trips, parties, managed to elevate his troubled heart.
Looking for a remedy to his sadness, attended a very Holy and wise hermit who diagnosed that the only way that had so that the King could recapture his joy was donning the shirt of a happy man.
His most faithful servants walked in vain the confines of the Kingdom in search of a happy man.
-We have immense riches, palaces, jewels, countless servants, but there is no happiness — they were saying the wealthiest merchants and successful businessmen.
-We have found wisdom — said the wise - why we can say with property that happiness does not exist. The human being is by its very nature a being dissatisfied.
-We collect applause, fame, glory, many successes, but we are not happy - said the artists.
When the faithful servants returning disappointed and full of grief for not having found a happy man that could end with immense melancholy of their King, they saw a shepherd who sang with an unusual joy. They approached him and asked him:
-Are you happy?
-Yes, I'm happy, the joy I have no chest and pours me out of songs.
-Do you not change for anyone?
-No, no, being who I am, I live very happy.
The eyes of the servants lit up.
-Today is a day of blessing for all of us, and especially for our King, and for you. You'll have everything you dreamed, riches, glory, power, exquisite food, fine clothes and the gratitude of all the inhabitants of the Kingdom. Simply give us your shirt.
The pastor looked at them with bewilderment:
-Do my shirt? I have no shirt.
One of the major problems today is to confuse wealth with happiness. We say with admiration that a person is rich. But, are rich in what? In peace, in fullness, in good works, in happiness? There are many truly miserable millionaires and authentic rich wearing rags. Some are so poor but so poor, only have money. They accumulate things because they have the empty heart and end up being owned by them. Often we confuse happiness to achieve the object of our attachment, when in reality it consists in not having addictions and live so that no one or nothing have power over one.
Learn to be happy with what you have, instead of worry both for what you lack. Many are living in conditions worse than you. Remember: «I I complained about not having shoes.
Passing through the mosque of Damascus, I saw a man with no legs. I stopped regret me».
They have a wise one as poor and miserable day was that it was only feeding beans eating. There will be other - was it said most poor and miserable I and face returned found response to seeing that other was collecting the shells that he threw.
It is not money, but the ability to enjoy what one does what makes us rich or poor. Living excellence in everything you do and you'll see how happy you are. Naked you were born and everything you have is profit. Thinks and appreciates how much positive you have and what you can enjoy: life, health, air, Sun, flowers, the sea, mountains, Sunrise, your talents, your capacity to love, how much you need other... Remember that young man who was complaining that he had nothing and demanded him to God why he had not been generous with giving riches as so many others. An old man heard his complaint and told him:
-Why you regret so much? Has God not given you youth and health?
-Yes - replied the young - but that is not worth anything. The old man grabbed her right hand and said:
-Would leave it you cut by a million bolivares?
-No, of course not.
- And the left?
- And accept to stay blind by five million?
-Or crazy!
-So, what you complain? Don't you know that God has given you an immense Fortune?
Do not allow anyone or anything to take happiness. Happiness is not a goal, but a starting point. Propose you live in happiness. Always remember that famous English proverb: "the goal of life is to be happy. The place to be happy is where you are located, and the time to be happy is now».
Being happy is the best legacy we can leave to our children. There is nothing better to remember happy parents. Be happy is also the best lesson we can teach our students.
Translated for educational purposes