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They say that the great Japanese general Nobunaga decided to attack, while his army was much lower than that of the enemy who was ahead of him by a ratio of ten to one. Nobunaga was confident of victory, but his men were reluctant to engage in an as unequal combat.
When they marched into battle, they stopped to pray at a temple and out, Nobunaga gathered his men and told them:
-While in prayer, I have received a divine revelation: I'm going to throw this coin into the air, and if it goes face, we must fight with all confidence and security, as the victory will be on our side. If you exit cross, we must not go to the battle, because we are sure that we would be defeated.
He threw the coin and left face. The soldiers were so desire to fight and so confident of victory, who fought with unusual value and defeated the enemy without problem.
The next day, said an official Nobunaga:
-Certainly, it is impossible to change the will of the gods.
-Of course - he replied Nobunaga - while he showed her a coin that had face on both sides.
Victory is achieved with effort, enthusiasm and security to achieve it. Possunt quia posse stultae (may be because they are sure that may) says in the Aeneid the great poet Virgil of some rowers that succeed in tough competition. Most of the problems disappear or become smaller with only the final decision of confronting them. On the other hand, if one cows, problems and difficulties is agigantan. Many of the things that seem impossible, because we do not intend to really achieve them. Some speak of the secret of success is in the three d: desire, determination and discipline.
Don't get crushed by the problems. Great, you are stronger than them.
If you want your students to prevail, convince yourself and convince them that each and every one of them can be, that you have a successful salon. Erased from his dictionary the word failure. Put each one to compete with itself, to expire rather than beating others, to fight every day for its own overcoming.
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