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Three friends went hiking to the mountain. They had abundant provisions and made a stop along the way to take a snack. They got sandwiches, cheese, ham, but none of the three had brought anything to drink. Not very far the voice of a Crystal River, was heard but it was some effort to reach and fetch water. As the site where they were seemed ideal for camping, they decided to stay there and left to chance the decision of who would go to look for water.
-I won't - he said with genuine disgust the boy whom he touched in luck go down to the river.
-Why? -They said the other two very puzzled.
-Sure, while I go get water, you eat everything and not leave me anything.
-You promise not to eat even a single bite until you return.
-I believe they are cheating me. I am sure that all this it planned to stay with all the food.
-Please do not us offense, we give you our word that we not touch food.
Finally, grudgingly and not at all convinced, the boy grabbed bottles and went in search of water.
It was an hour and boy did not return. He spent another hour and nothing. As evening was falling, and fearing that it was lost, they decided to go out to look for him.
-We eat something quickly, not going to be that they fallen US forces, because we do not know where will walk - one of them - said such time we touch overnight sailing. God wills that has him nothing happened and we find it soon.
When they would be put in the mouth the first piece, left fellow from behind a thicket of saying:
-I knew it, I knew it! I was sure that would deceive me. If they hit the snack, I won't by the water!
Human beings are suspicious by nature. Another Venezuelan is the worst enemy of a Venezuelan. We had us speaking poorly of the country, denying and ignoring the many good things that we have. We believe then the bad news but we much accept the good. That is why we love the gossip that roll of mouth in mouth, enlodando lives, creating anxiety, sowing pessimism. Everything read you from our prejudices and any indication is good for steadfast in our negative convictions. And how, we often hurt the successes of others! We do not tolerate happy marriages and hung to whoever owns Fortune thief or corrupt label. The mistrust generated selfishness, turning in on itself. Only if we trust in others, in the country, we will be releasing to transform it. As Robert Putnam wrote, «trust lubricates the cooperation. A higher level of trust in the community, better chance of cooperation. And cooperation in itself breeds confidence."
See the distrust we have, opens us to the reality of a very low self-esteem of the Venezuelan that won't feed putting flags on trucks, shouting 'proud to be Venezuelans', or boasting of our oil wealth. Hence the urgent need for an education that will make us believe in us, in the country, in our people. An education that teach love to Venezuela and convert this love in work, service provision, all Venezuelans (true homeland) we can live with dignity, we respect, we want.
We need to teach each child, since childhood, to discover inside the best of his personality, only if it recognises and values their positive qualities, he will be able to appreciate others, believe in them and can be delivered to build a large Venezuela for all. A Venezuela worked with collective effort, where everyone begins to look beyond their pocket and be able to see every face a comrade and brother.
Translated for educational purposes

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