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He was playing the small Juancho in e\ very front of your House when passed an old man; elegant that walking on a beautiful cane, which fell precisely when it ran by Juancho. The child picked it up hasty and returned it to the old man who told him smiling:
-Thank you, but I cannot. I can walk perfectly without it. If you like, you can keep it - and moved away to good step showing that, in fact, did not need his cane.
Juancho stayed with the stick in his hands and didn't know what to do. It was an ordinary, stick of wood and curved handle. While, the child began to hit the air with his stick and, in brief moments, became an outstanding baseball player, about to hit the longest Homer of the history that was going to take his team to the final victory. When finished turn the field between the feverish public applause and is sedated the heart after the greetings of his companions, Juancho was mounted in the cane which was then transformed into a beautiful black horse with a silver in the front star. Mounted on it, he toured countries charming and rescued maidens beautiful that gave thanks with a few kisses wet and excited.
The magic cane returned to be a simple piece of wood, but soon was a race car, a baton of Orchestra, a sword, a camel's two humps that crossed endless deserts and even was on the verge of dying under a terrible sandstorm.
Already it atardeció when it returned to the elegant old man.
-Do you like the baton?-asked smiling at Juancho.
The boy thought that he was asking and lengthened it completely flushed.
-No, you can keep it forever. What do I do with a cane? You can fly with it, I just cannot support me.
Become a teacher is to offer Poles the children so that they can fly with their fantasy, cross the paths of imagination, visit stars and happy countries, speaking with butterflies and Jays, discover unsuspected horizons and rest on the chest of the moon.
We stimulate in students the ability to believe and create so never stop catch in creeping sludge, without soul, materialism which dominates us and pinches, that does not let us dream.
Translated for educational purposes

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